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Esther Sagbal - Spain (artist)

A1.  I always loved to paint and as well i was very interested in colorful makeup. One day i was body painted and I got in love with it and bought the paints and started to play with them!


A2.  nothing really, i started painting myself and loved it son much that I couldn't stop.


A3.  I always work alone in my projects but talking about being part of a team, the bodypainter worked many times with is Johannes Stoetter.

A4. word bodypainting festival, cathegory profesional bodypaint brush & sponge and facepaint


A5.  if it has a complicates composition, like when you compete, at least 7h.


A6.  tired and stressed But love it.


A7.  i love colours and high contrast .


A8.  brief seamless. I prefer no to cover nipples.

A9.  when you have to plan, it is decided while the design is done in paper.


A10.  keep practicing and love what you do, with that you can make want you want. And have fun do not be afraid of what the others think, the best is always to try and be passionate.

Add A1.  World body paint festival. I love to see so many categories of competition, the show is amazing and there are people from all around the world that share the same passion.

Add A2.  nature mainly and some other artists,illustrations, canvas.

Add A3.  My day to day job is working in and office in the mornings and in afternoons and weekends i work with body art for all type events. So busy.
Regards i hope it is useful

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