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Louise Neale - UK (model)

A1.  Artist John Davis got me in to body painting.


 A2.  I decided I wanted to try something different and he was looking for a model and I gave it a try and I haven't looked back I love doing it.


A3.  I have worked with various artists like Alex Hansen, Mark Reid there are too many to name. I have worked with some phenomenal artists including John.


 A4.  I have always entered as a model my biggest events have been Paintopia and the Welsh face and body painting festival. I also went to London with John for Olympia beauty.


A5.  Body paint can take anything from 2 hours for a small portion of the body to be painted up to 8 hours for a full body.


A6.  The length of time doesn't bother me it fly’s by for me I like to engage with the artists and have fun doing so passes the time and makes you forget about it.


A7.  I don't have a favourite style I have loved everything I have been painted as the weirder and wonderful the better I enjoy becoming that character.


A8.  Nipple covers are used to cover top half and usually a g string for bottom half.


A9.  The painter usually decides on equipment and clothing but usually discusses with the model to make sure their comfortable with it all which is good.


A10.  For anyone wanting to try body painting I would tell them to go for it is an amazing experience and great fun also.

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