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Nic Langridge - England (artist)

A1.  My wife has been a body painter/artist for a number of years before I met her, and I never knew of the world of face and body painting, until she needed a male model for a college class and the rest is history.


A2.  After being introduced to the world of body painting, I decided to continue being a body painting model to show off artist's work as oppose to showing off my body.


A3.  My Wife.


A4.  The UK Face and Body Painting Convention as a showcase piece across the event.


A5.  Between 3-6 hours.


A6.  I find it interesting watching the design progress throughout the paint, but it's important to make sure you remember to breathe; as I have seen other models pass out.


A7.  The ones where I haven’t seen the design until the finish product.


A8.  I never go less than a pair of boxers; however my wife would like to make a latex cover to turn me into action man.


A9.  Part of the design first and foremost, comfort is a distant second!!!


A10.  Get out there and do it. The designs are amazing and you really don’t feel half naked when the paint is on.

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