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The Gibraltar Face and Body Art Association was formed in September 2012, we became an accredited Gibraltar cultural organisation commissioned by our ministry of culture (CO/22) by May 2013.

It all came together after going to a day jam in Malaga, where we mentioned we could hold a day jam within one of our large halls for participants in the surrounding area not just between friends.  One thing lead to another by all those involved, locally and internationally.

With the first festival having been held in April 2013, with a great response, by artists locally and internationally, Including guest judges; Pashur; Liliana Hopman and Atelier RomAndy, within its two days of events we held included competitions, workshops expos, demos and day trip across to Morocco and lucky enough to have had representatives from across the world including; America, Holland, Germany and France to name a few.

Since then we have continued to further the annual Gibraltar festival with varying success but amazing feedback as everyone that has come to Gibraltar have all shown interest in returning to some capacity be it in competing, judging, promos, demos, to our Gibraltar Comic-Con booth, or just on holidays, with a few already come back even more than once, as we try to present a more relaxing way of proposing the festival, but still upload the standards of the competitions etc, to which all past  and hopefully future participants have entered.

Our association committee is made up of in house artists, models, and photographers ready for any event or whatever is thrown at us; especially now coming into our 10th Year Anniversary event.

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