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From 1940 is a daring work that seeks to educate young people about classical music. But it is also playful and wonderfully imaginative, it has high images of supreme sweetness, as well as very powerful and complex images; This is why my work makes a brief chronology of what the Disney World is in an attractive and somewhat more adult way, for this reason I decided to use illustrations and tattoo designs for my body painting:

In the headdress we can see Maleficent and around her some film tapes with images of the most emblematic films of Walter Elías Disney that accompany us in this work, including Walter's first creation, which was Oswald the lucky rabbit, whose rights he lost.

On the body we start with a tattoo style design of a skull with a skeleton hand and an apple in reference to Mirror and Poison in the poisoning of Snow White where we can appreciate its silhouette, then we can see an illustration of Benjamin Lacombe (Alice and Cheshire) loaded with mystery and a bucolic feeling, we continue with an illustration of The Little Mermaid more sensual, more irreverent, then another tattoo design where we can see a very imposing Hercules carrying on himself a lion's head representing the duality of The Lion King and Scar ( good and evil), followed by an illustration of Machiavellian and perhaps misunderstood Hades, to then see our dear and friendly Mushu the Mulan dragon, with a mischievous expression very typical of him! And finally at his side a final illustration where we see a tenacious, strong and determined Brave (Princess Mérida) accompanied by her appreciated bow, a gift from her father with which she defended her honor and her right to decide for herself.

ARTIST: Heidy Romo

MODEL: Ana Regueira Alvarez

PHOTO: Borja tirador Villarraso


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