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For this work, we imagined opening a book with blank pages, creating a fun situation. Animating a series of walt disney characters, more or less known, especially dogs and cats, inserting them into their respective amusement parks.

Starting from the left side, we are in France, with two kittens of the fairy tale Aristogatti and the dog Tobia di Cenerantola, who have fun on the trolleys of a carousel, Scat ( fairy Aristogatti), playing his trumpet while Lucifer (fairy Cenerentola), tries to scratch him while riding a carousel horse.

 On the right side the setting is American and here we wanted to insert the dog Dodger and Oliver, (of the cartoon Oliver and company), in a detail of the Ferris wheel. Below Lilly and the Siamese cats ( of the fairy tale Lilly and the Tramp), where one of the two cats was specially painted so very naughty with hints of freshly sketched colours, to give more idea of the character's disposition, particularly aggressive.

The piano that connects the two settings is a detail always present in these particular fables.  Flowers because they are particularly present in parks that give harmony.

As a headdress we have chosen to insert the castles of the respective settings.

ARTIST: Giorgia Gasparini & Cristina Carelli

MODEL:   Francesca Riveluno & Marta Zanchetta

PHOTO:  Anastasia Dobrova


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