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Claire Hindle - England (model)

A1.  I’ve been modelling for body painting for a year now, I love it so much I hosted my own event 8th march 2014 in Portishead , Bristol witjh a total of 33 artists and models who came along.


A2.  It all started November 2013 I was modelling for a photographer called Dave Radford he said I should come to his event in a few weeks time. He was hosting his own body painting event.  So I contacted the painters who said they were coming and I managed to get Paul facade to paint me with assistance from dawn veneer. That day was the first day I met my other half he was stood next to me being painted all day. We’ve just had our first anniversary. Dave Radford showed me some pictures of body painting and I was amazed at the bright colours an amazing art work that could be created on the body.


A3.  I worked with a fair few artists now an have taken part in local festivals an Paintopia I’ve worked with Hellen eyre, Zoe Philips, Juliet eve, Mona Tumbridge at my event I’m being painted by Lorain Taylor

A4.  Paintopia.


A5.  Body painting normally takes 6hrs to do a full body. You’re lucky to sit down sometimes; it’s amazing to watch someone’s creativity an art work come to life after they have planned everything for months, and made props and head dresses to go with it its take the artists so much hard work to show case their design it’s a privilege to be their model.


A6.  It’s quite relaxing being painted a mini massage if u like. the time fly’s when your stood there you can look around a watch other people being painted at the events an see how the artists paint an what techniques they use be it paint brush or sponge its really interesting. When your painted its then your job to model your creation be it your painted as a character then you act out an become the character either on the catwalk or in front of the cameras. It’s amazing having preformed all day you have photos to take away with you. It makes you proud to be asked to model for such amazing artists you feel it’s your duty to stay fit and be on time etc... an to see the artists faces when you’re done its over whelming how happy you’ve just made the artists then you know you’ve done a good job.


A7.  Don’t have one but once paint is on you it feels like you’re wearing a layer of clothes so you don’t feel naked and being in a room of other people being painted makes it fun.


A8.  A seam free plain thong (so the paint covers the thong well and seams so you can’t see the lines.) and we wear nipple covers: a latex rubber pad stuck over your nipples to cover your modesty.


A9.  Artists prefer to just use a latex rubber pad (Same shape as a sanitary towel ) to stick to the front of you an stick to the top of your bum crack to cover your bits an nipple covers or some artists like to paint you nude then there’s no lines.  For the blokes they can wear seam free briefs or thong.


A10.  I would highly recommend going to the local events to watch and ask to be painted.

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