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Callista Lima - Artist (Gibraltar)

A1.  When I started my makeup course over 3 years ago, body painting was meant to be an extra part of the curriculum, unfortunately it never happened. I then went on to doing a 20 week intense online course & this including body painting. I was hooked!!


A2.  I don’t really consider myself a body painting artist just yet. I’ve only ever done the front of a model once. I also took part in a workshop and between myself, another lady & the professional we painted the front and back of the model with an airbrush. I do plan to go more into body painting in the future as I love it. I do have plans to enter future body painting competitions.


A3. I normally just work on myself. I tend to do either character makeup, SFX or chest pieces using body paints.


A4.  I am relatively new to this so I have never entered a competition. As mentioned in my other answer, I do plan to start entering these competitions in the future though.

A5. I normally work on myself, depending on what sort of look I’m going for, it normally takes anything from 1 hour to 4 hours.

A6.  Again, I’m a newbie to the world of body painting, I have done a charity show where I had to paint 10 people, it was mainly sections of the body (not a full body paint) it was a very long tiring day in the middle of summer, I enjoyed doing the actual work, but it’s the waiting around & tidying up that I’m not a fan of. When I do the looks on myself, it’s definitely the tidying up that I hate, especially cleaning all those brushes!


A7.  Not that I can think of. I always try something once. I thought I hated drawing portraits, but I pushed myself out of my comfort zone not long ago, and drew a portrait of Guy Fawkes on my chest, I found it so therapeutic.


A8.  The one time that I’ve painted a female’s chest, I used plasters to cover the nipples. I’m planning on doing a body paint during Christmas & I’ve bought some nipple covers & I’ve asked my model to wear nude pants.


A9.  I tend to plan my looks, so I will go on Pinterest, create a folder for that specific look & add pictures of what I have in my mind. For example, I recently created a chest piece on myself for Remembrance Day, so I added a picture of the union Jack, a poppy field & a soldier saluting & created my look that way.


A10.  I’ve been putting this off for a while, mainly due to my health, but if anyone wanted to try it, I’d say go for it. Sometimes you need to throw yourself in the deep end to gain the experience.

Additional ---

A1.  N/A

A2  I always get asked this question, I really do not know. I have always been creative & I love art. I find it really therapeutic & I love seeing other people’s creativity. Once I get an idea in my head, my mind starts working overtime, I’ll constantly be taking notes of random ideas that pop into my head of what to create. It is quite hard to explain.

A3.  I am a fully qualified beauty therapist, makeup artist including SFX & hair stylist. I'm currently not working due to my health & recent surgery, I had to leave my job in a local salon. I’m focusing on my health & feeling better than ever, especially excited for what I’m planning for my future, which at the moment I am keeping under wraps.

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