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Victoria Sanguinetti - model (Gibraltar)

A1.  I had been to the previous festivals and had always loved the body art and how the models always look so amazing modelling these pieces of art.


A2.  I wanted to do this to build my confidence and to be comfortable in my own body.


A3.  The 2020 Gibraltar body art festival was my first festival i had entered.


A4.  The 2020 Gibraltar body art festival was my first festival i had entered, it was japan themed.

A5.  I would say that it normally would take a whole day as there’s a lot of preparation and then the painting which is time consuming and then the modelling. Although time does go quite fast.


A6.  As this was my first time I felt quite nervous to begin with but once it started it felt quite normal and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. They make you feel very comfortable.


A7.  I don’t have a favorite. I think everyone has a different take on their designs.


A8.  I used nipple covers and seem less nude panties.


A9.  Equipment/clothing/props are used based on the artists design.


A10.  My advise for anyone wanting to do this would be that it’s a very good experience and it needs to be experienced at least once in your life. It builds confidence and makes you feel comfortable in your body. Your body is literally the canvas and that’s the best canvas there is.

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