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Tina smith - UK (artist)

A1.  I’d been face painting and wanted to learn more, I went along to a face painting conference and saw body paint and wanted to do it, 3 years later I got the chance.


A2.  I loved the idea of transforming a person.

A3.  I don’t normally work with anyone but I do run the Midland body paint project with Sarah Smith


A4.  I’ve attended a few events and competed but the biggest must be the first competition I entered and my 3rd body paint at the Face and Bodyart convention and I came first in the Intermediate section

A5.  It normally takes 8 hours


A6.  N/a


A7.  I love movie sci-fi


A8.  We ask our models to wear briefs and also nipple covers


A9.  It depends on the brief, if it’s a film character you’d use a prop to what they have, if it’s horror and type of prop to enhancer he design and bring a character to life. Clothing can be used if you have a time limit or the model feels happier with clothing.


A10.  Give it ago, it’s great fun and a great bunch of people

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