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Eva Brunklaus -  (Netherlands)

A1.  I used to paint and do make up about 25 years ago but could not make a living. So I found a commercial job and the creativity died. When I was asked to join a make up team for a theater show my paint blood began to boil again. Bought new paint, watched tutorials, practised and discovered the social media platforms.


A2.  It just happened.


A3. My main paint supplier is Schmink en Grime. I make facepaint vlogs for them on YouTube. Eugénie from Cameleon, Saskia from Mehron and Superstar are my brands.


A4.  I attended the EFABE and did some workshops for them.

A5.  I only do facepaint. I'm not a body painter. Facepaints take me between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

A6.  N/A


A7.  Skulls, freestyle. Anything that apeals to me.


A8.  N/A


A9.  It hase to be a addition to a paint.


A10.  Just start and practise. Practise makes perfect.

Additional ---

A1.  N/A

A2  From everything I see. I am bad at copying things. Try to make designs up.

A3.  I am the head of the inside sales department of a huge trade company

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