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Anita Robertson - UK (artist)

A1.  I got into face painting while very young, my mum started facepainting when i used to do drama and dance and i would 'borrow' the paints at every oppertunity and as i got older i started helping her at events.


A2.  I bit the bullet and decided to start my own business face and body painting about 4 years ago after doing it for fun for almost 20 years, the timing was just right for me then.

A3.  I mostly work alone or with my son, for body painting i mostly work with the midlands bodypaint project and bodypaint events uk


A4.  Probably Bodycraft at Cleethorpes i only entered the brush and sponge competition. The biggest public event that wasnt a competition was comic con at manchester.

A5.  usually between 4 and 6 hours but it depends how complex the design is.


A6.  its quite nerve wracking but exciting.


A7.  i love doing characters at the comic cons and anything horror


A8.  i use latex nipple covers and either thong or high leg latex knickers.


A9.  It depends on the brief, if it’s a film character you’d use a prop to what they have, if it’s horror and type of prop to enhancer he design and bring a character to life. Clothing can be used if you have a time limit or the model feels happier with clothing.


A10.  go for it, see if there is a body painting group locally to you and reach out, we're a friendly bunch and will always be people ready to help and advise.

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