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Aaron Caballero - model (Gibraltar)

A1.  I love to perform and love arts in general.


A2.  I have been involved in performance and modelling since a young age.


A3.  I don’t have a specific artist whoever wishes me as there model.


A4.  I was fortunate to go to the World body painting festival in Austria modeled for category brush and sponge.

A5.  Depends on the artist and how elaborate the artwork is but can take up to 10 hours.


A6.  Awesome as you can slowly see yourself transform into a work of art.


A7.  Any design as they all are unique.


A8.  A thong


A9.  The artist/s decide


A10.  If you like art go for it as it’s relaxing and you get to meet really interesting people and artists from around the world.

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