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Jenny Marquis - UK (artist)

A1.  Was the next logical step from pregnant bump painting I started with.


A2.  Because I absolutely love my art and the experience of meeting other creative people, while working with other professionals to create something unique and expressive; with each project being so unique.


A3.  Always work with people I respect and often people recommended for being reliable and who take their profession seriously. I prefer people with experience so that we can all get the most out of the images that are created.  Also as most work is on a TF basis and not paid, I choose people who will be fun to work with and will create a good atmosphere also who have the same sort of collaborative ideas and are happy to chat over ideas so we can all design something we are all happy with.

A4. My largest event so far has been Paintopia, I was guest demonstrator, guest judge and for body painting I entered the solo category.


A5.  Depends on the project, around 4 hours for a torso but that can vary depending on design and 6 hours for full body but that is on one person, a lot more can be achieved with a team of painters and this can have a huge difference on the impact of the final design, so I feel that there should be separate categories for solo and assisted/team paints.


A6.  Standing for 6 hours painting is a fabulous experience although I sometimes ache the next day, it’s a great fun chatting with my model and being in such a creative environment among other artists I admire and many being friends I have known for years also I have been told that usually new painters feel very welcome into the friendly environment too. When the call comes to put down your brushes and you have attached all your props it’s a huge relief but the anticipation is immense as you watch your fab model walk away and hand the experience over to their skill and experience to put across the concept idea to the judges and really characterise in front of the camera. It’s exciting to think about what amazing images will result from your collaboration, also to finally see what your friends have produced while you have been painting as often you don't get chance to see the build up of their design unless you do a detour on the way to the loo to have a look.


A7.  My favourites are the ones with huge contrasts but I have loved many over the years often because of colour choices or interpretation of theme, all sorts.


A8.  Depends on the public decency regulations in the country, city or venue, and what age restrictions apply to the event. It can range from bra or drop top and pants to just nipple covers and g/string or latex gusset.  Of course the less is better as it helps with the smooth lines of the overall design as g strings can cut into the design and material is difficult to paint over. Bra tops cut into the flow of the design and personally I think it completely spoils the design as its obviously a bra and it makes it much more difficult to design a body paint around these garments.


A9.  I think it is up to the event organisers to set the rules for decency/clothing depending on discussions and negotiations with the venue and area but to advise them to be mindful of what is actually achievable depending on the restrictions and that clear signage can be put up at the venue and upon booking tickets it can be on the website too advising visiting public of the nature of the event.


A10.  Go for it!! Also I would say talk to an artist that has already done it. You could have a hints and tips page for models and artists thinking of taking part although I would advise that you have only experienced models for the Competition so that you can be sure they will turn up (even if they pay a returnable deposit) also that you can be sure that they are aware of what’s required of models. People who have never modelled would be advised to get some experience before putting their name forward for competitions.

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