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Laura J Draycon - England (model)

A1.  I first got into body paint modelling by visiting Paintopia for research for my degree. I was amazed by the artwork on display, and volunteered as a model for one of the artists for torso paint. I was hooked.


A2.  I had done some modelling for a life drawing class and this seemed like a natural progression for me.


A3.  I work with any artist who has a vision they want to portray on the human body. I am the Model Co-ordinator for the UK Body painting League, so I am lucky to work with some amazing artists. I have modelled for many artists both experienced and novice. I love encouraging new painters to try the art form and seeing their reactions to their artworks on me is priceless.


A4.  I am due to attend the Paintopia event this May which will be my largest event, there is a Vintage theme so I am looking forward to seeing the designs the artists come up with. My largest to date would be a UV event held in a night club. We got some amazing effects with all the backlights. There were approx 1500 people there that night. My design was 60's Psycodelia.


A5.  Full body paint can take up to 8 hours but it depends on the intricacy of the artists design.


A6. I love the whole process of the paint, including the time spent actually being painted. It is an amazing experience being transformed. The artists are always mindful of my comfort; we take breaks, chat, eat cake and generally enjoy spending time together creating something.


A7.  Personally I love designs which embrace the feminine form, an artist who has taken the time to design something which truly uses the shape of the body to enhance the design.


A8.  There are a few options for covering sensitive areas; my preferred method is to use a latex cover. These are applied with latex prosthetic glue and stay secure and comfortable all day. I prefer these as they are almost invisible once painted and it means there are no unsightly straps to distract the viewer from the artwork itself. I am also happy to wear a nude seamless thong. Nipple covers are needed for public displays of the work. Personally I prefer not to use these as the artist has chosen the human form as their canvas, so I am happy for them to use exactly that.


A9.  It is entirely up to the model and artist together to decide what is more comfortable and suitable for the artwork. As artists and models we have to respect any censorship laws put in place wherever the art is intended to be shown.


A10.  I would say to anybody either comfortable with their body or those wanting to learn more about the art form and themselves to try it. It can be incredibly liberating, gives you a chance to view your body in a different way and is so much fun to be involved in. The UK Body painting League is all about encouraging the art form and those interested in it, so it is a great place to start. All are welcome; we want to "Paint the World".

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