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Pheonix Storm- England (model)

A1.  I got into body painting around 4 years ago. It's always been something I am super interested in. I saw a few people casting for models to paint on purple port so I answered them, got the bug and have been body paint modelling since.


A2.  I have always loved modelling, but have never been one to be like everyone else and I love the creativity and thought and talent that go into body painting and craved to be a canvas for it!


A3.  Usually I work with anyone who would like to work with me; however I am a model for Paintopia and a very proud model for The UK Body painting League!


A4.  The biggest event has been Paintopia, and I entered as a model.


A5.  Usually in my experience full body paint usually takes between 6-8 hrs.


A6.  Actually a lot of people think it's boring but most painters are wonderful and so much fun, so if you build up a good relationship with the painter and have a good laugh then it goes really quickly.


A7.  My favourite types of designs are really twisted creepy ones or ones with lots of fantasy or lots of colour, because in my experience they give the most amazing results!


A8.  Usually latex nipple covers and modesty covers are used but some models such as me prefer to not wear nipple covers. Obviously for events this is not always possible due to the public.


A9.  If equipment and clothing is to be used in my experiences the painters discuss this with you in advance and let you know what the design is and what they would like you to wear or bring with you. It's very much collaboration.


A10.  The idea of getting naked in front of people to be painted can be quite daunting (never was for me) however it can be for some, but it going to be the most unique, different and creative thing you will ever be a part of so just jump in and do it because you'll never go back!!!

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