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SANNA FORSLUND - Austria (model)

A1.  I read an article about the World Body painting Festival in Austria, and it was the first time I encountered body paint on this level, and I thought it sounded amazing so I decided I wanted to be a part of it.


A2.  I signed up to be a model at the World Body painting Festival, and then I went there and I was hooked.  It was a great way of expressing creativity.


A3.  I'm normally a pastry chef, making chocolate desserts and pralines.


A4.  Modelling for special effects during the World Body painting Festival, with lots of glue and heavy head pieces, we came fourth so it was a great competition.


A5. It really depends on the event, but I would say about six to seven hours.


A6.  it’s a very unique experience and you have to ignore a lot of your body's feelings. I usually tell people that it is a lot harder than it looks, it's not only standing still you are constantly working together with the artist to make the painting go as smoothly as possible.


A7.  I love the very colourful designs, with a lot of abstract elements.


A8.  A G or C-string, and possible nipple cover.


A9.  During competitions it's always the artist’s vision in focus, so they usually have some clothing in mind when you start working with them.


A10.  Don't tense your body; try to stand with your knees a bit bent. Breathe normally and most importantly communicate with your artist! And enjoy the creativity going on!

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