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Toni-Leigh Winter - Wales (model)

A1.  I wanted to get painted after being on a photo shoot and there was a paint going on, on other side of room and was mesmerised and sucked in from there.


A2.  It’s just amazingly talented thing to see come together on your body.


A3.  I have worked with Simon smith 4 times once on our own and 3 times as model for his SFX course.


A4.  I haven’t participated in any events ... yet.


 A5.  A one to one body paint take around 6 hours.


A6.  It is a long day but is always worth it and the painters always ask if you want a break regularly.


 A7.  I don’t think I have a favourite I love it all.


A8.  My first ever paint I done was nude but the others I have had latex nipple covers and a latex gussets.


 A9.  If the latex covers are used they paint just like skin so there’s not a big difference when photographed but it’s really decided by whatever the model is comfortable with weather it a gusset or cotton pants.


 A10.  Id advise anyone to give body painting ago it is an amazing experience and confidence boost.

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